Bienvenue chez moi

Washington Square (first) variations


The Washington Square Variations

New Yorker cover proposal

Edible Queens cover

Homage to Martin Luther King

The Snip Trip for Topic Magazine

Bye Bye

Halloween in NY

Broadway´s light

Learning Ballet in Central Park

Chihuahua & Chewbaka

New Yorker 2019 cover proposal

Iris au fil de la Seine

Map for Edible Queens magazine

France map

Map of Japan

Filippo Ferratini

Map of Switzerland

El Idioma de los animales

“Grounding” illustration for Pantera magazine

Aire para regalar

Climate change Stamp

Ovidi Montllor

Another world is possible

Mister Black

Bola de Nieve

Get up, stand up!

New York & its musicians

Salt peanuts Dizzy Gillespie

El Árbol

Se Busca

Nina Simone

Edible Queens magazine