Iris au fil de la Seine

From Nogent-sur-Seine to Le Havre, Iris’ magical trip to the islands of the Seine!

Little Iris spends the summer holidays with her aunt Ilda in Nogent-sur-Seine. In this big house, she is bored and dreams of adventures. His aunt invites him to accompany him just across the street to Olive Island. When Iris sees an abandoned boat, she seizes the opportunity and jumps in it to descend the course of the Seine and finally reach her dream: to bathe in the sea.

Accompanied by Icarus, Aunt Ilda’s parrot, she begins a journey not only in space but also in time! Together, they will dock on ten mythical islands in the Seine, and will be transported to different times …
Based on an original idea and with the participación activa of Léa Namer. This book benefits from the support of HAROPA (Ports de Paris Seine Normandie).