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Bienvenue chez moi

Mister Black

El Idioma de los animales

Iris au fil de la Seine

El Árbol

Se Busca

Filippo Ferratini


  • Washington Square (first) variations

  • Utopia

  • The Washington Square Variations

  • New Yorker cover proposal

  • Edible Queens cover

  • Homage to Martin Luther King

  • The Snip Trip for Topic Magazine

  • Bye Bye

  • Halloween in NY

  • Broadway´s light

  • Learning Ballet in Central Park

  • Chihuahua & Chewbaka


Creative diary

Art in boxes


Corona Paternity

Homenatge a Carmen LLabrés

Libretas de Instagram

Paternity during Covid times

Sketches and working process for my exhibition “The Washington Square Variations”